Porezna uprava Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine


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Obavještenje za porezne obveznike iz Kantona Sarajevo

Obavještavaju se porezni obveznici koji svoju djelatnost obavljaju na području Kantona Sarajevo da je Kantonalni porezni ured Sarajevo preselio svoje prostorije iz ulice Ćemaluša 2 u ulicu Husrefa Redžića 4, zgrada Središnjeg ureda Porezne uprave Federacije BiH,  naselje Ciglane Sarajevo. Porezni obveznici i građani sa područja Kantona Sarajevo od 4. 8. 2014. godine za ostvarivanje svojih prava i obaveza mogu se obratiti Kantonalnom poreznom uredu Sarajevo na navedenoj adresi.

31. 07. 2014.

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Taxpayers From Flooded Areas Can Contact Nearest Local Tax Offices

Taxpayers and citizens are hereby informed that work with taxpayers and citizens has been suspended due to the state of emergency caused by the flooding of local tax offices in Sanski Most, Maglaj, Olovo and Orašje. In order to exercise their rights and meet obligations, taxpayers and citizens can contact the nearest tax offices, since the tax information system allows access to the applications of the Tax Administration of the Federation from other locations.

20. 05. 2014.

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Information for users of nPIS, ISPF and EJS applications

Users of nPIS, ISPF and EJS applications are hereby informed that from 4 p.m on Monday, 19 May 2014, until 8 a.m. on Tuesday, 25 May 2014 the applications will not be accessible due to system maintenance. Furthermore, occasional interruptions may take place also from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. on 20 May 2014.

19. 05. 2014.

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Tax Administration of FBiH Sold KM 65,165.00 Worth of Assets

Tax Administration of FBiH Sold KM 65,165.00 Worth of Assets

The Bihać Cantonal Tax Office of the Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted a public sale of seized assets of a tax debtor in the amount of KM 65,165.00, for the purpose of collection of outstanding public revenues. Assets of six tax debtors were put up to sale, namely five motor vehicles, two excavators, machines and equipment.

26. 05. 2014.

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Toll-Free Number 080 020 333 for Reporting Non-Compliance With Tax Laws

The Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has opened a toll-free line 080 020 333 that citizens can use to report non-compliance with tax laws without having to leave their personal information.

23. 05. 2014.

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Goods Believed to Come From Humanitarian Aid Found in Zenica – Doboj Canton

In the course of audit activities carried out on 21 May 2014 with a view to preventing illegal business operations in the area of Nemila, inspectors of the Tax Administration of the Federation of BiH found certain indications pointing towards possible misuse of humanitarian assistance for personal benefit. In the course of the inspection it was found that a private warehouse contained food products, hygiene kits and textile materials possibly to be used for private needs.

21. 05. 2014.

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About Tax Administration

The Tax Administration of the Federation of BiH is an administration within the Federal Ministry of Finance.


On a proposal from the Federal Minister of Finance, the Government of the Federation of BiH appoints Director of the Tax Administration of the Federation of BiH for the period of four years with possibility of reappointment.




Any misuse of tax laws as well as objections to the work of FBiH Tax Administration staff may be reported at:
or emailed to:

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